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Friday, September 24, 2010

#132...TOT Class Teddy Bear Day Fun!

Green TOT Class - 9am

I had the idea to show the story I read in TOT class in the photostory. My copy of the book was 45 miles away at preschool, so I found it online and used it, but you will see it is the version from England.  You will see the difference when it comes.  Who knew that "tiddly" means "tiny?"    :)   Sorry some photos are a little blurry!    Hope your children enjoy it.  LS

Red TOT Class - 10:45am

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#131...More comments about the recent videos on this blog!

  • Priceless. Not only does Daddy get to see all the love and fun at school so do the grandparents. We are so blessed we found Immanuel Lutheran. Thanks for this wonderful idea and update. 
  • It is so fun to find your kids in the pictures. 
  • That was so wonderful! I loved it
  • I had tears in my eyes watching it!
  • Thanks you so much for sharing!  We love to see them...keep them coming  :)
  •  I LOVE the blog! I was just showing it to my coworkers and they really enjoyed it. It looks like the kids have such fun! Thank you for taking the time to write posts.

Monday, September 20, 2010

#132...Orange Class Glimpse!

#131...Red Class Glimpse

#130...Green Class Glimpse!

#128..."Where My Teddy?" Monday TOT Class

#127...VanGogh Sunflowers by the some 3's and 4's.

Oh - I wanted to let you know that M. came home the other day and said   "Mommy - do you know about Van Gogh?  He painted pictures of sunflowers, bedrooms and a starry night. "    I love it!  I happen to have a print of Starry Night and he was so excited to see it!  He's having a great time at school this year.  Thank you for everything! 

#126...Comments about the recent videos on this blog!

Parents can email me their comments also, and I will add them to the blog!
  • Cute video. How fun.
  • My son loves school so much.  This means so much to us.  We are truly blessed to have found Immanuel Lutheran!  
  • I just wanted to say thank you for sending this out!   It's so much fun to catch a glimpse of their experiences there at Immanuel.  I just loved and appreciated seeing this so much, thank you!
  • The video is cute!  It's nice b/c it gives my husband a chance to see what our daughter does.
  • looks great! thanks for sharing.  I can't wait to show my daughter in the morning. She'll love it!
  • Fun pictures of a fun first week!
  • I'm not sure if you are getting feedback, but I'd like to let you know that getting emails on blog updates is great for me!   I love seeing the videos and so does my child.
  • These are great - thanks, Linda!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

#120...1st Day of TOT - Green Class*

I have tried numerous times to download two
videos from the TOT classes and it is not happening!
Error! Error! Error! I will keep trying!