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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#35....Thanksgiving Time

We were so busy at preschool this week and last week getting ready for Thanksgiving. Making turkey prints, turkeys with thankful feathers...words written down on each feather about what we are thankful for...we drew Pilgrim and Indian pictures and learned about Indian symbolic art...and we made turkey headbands and "gobbled" out the door!

Our Bible Story was "He Remembered to Say Thank You." It's all about Jesus and how He healed 10 men with leprosy. 10 men who wanted to go home to be with their families. 10 men who were healed, but only one came back to say "thank you!" to Jesus.

We said every day is a special time to thank God. Everyday His blessings come to us! Everyday He remembers us in so many ways. He never forgets us and we should always remember that!

At the end of one of the Jesus Times today one of the children said they wanted to pray. So it was suggested she say the words and we repeat them...sentence by sentence. It was beautiful! So many children wanted to participate. It was wonderful!

Enjoy your children! Enjoy your family! Enjoy your own parents! And thank the One who is in charge of our lives...every single day! He knows what is best for us and loves and forever!

See you back after vacation! If you have some comments or interesting stories of your Thanksgiving Day...leave them on the blog to share with all of us!

Ready or not....Christmas is coming! The birthday of Jesus! I am sure you will be ready for that, right? We are already getting ready at preschool with so many fun songs! See you at our special Christmas Program on Saturday morning ...December 13...10:30AM!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

#33...Christmas Gifts

Hello to all!
Christmas is just around the corner and last year I wrote some suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for your child.

You can refer to POST #6 if you would like to read this. I did find a possible gift idea that sounded pretty good this year.

Fisher Price’s Computer Cool School A colorful first computer for your kids.

Our Test Moms Said: “Once you start the keyboard, you’re no longer in Windows, you are in the program, so you don’t have to worry about your child deleting files off your hard drive. To me, that alone makes the toy award-worthy.”

Why It’s a Winner: This kid size computer comes complete with a small-hand friendly keyboard, a stylus writing area, and five learning centers including reading, math, writing, art, music and science. Our test family raved about how easy this product is to use calling it a “smooth entry” to the world of computers. Just plug the keyboard into a USB port, and your child can play – no need for batteries or installation. If your child gets bored of the included software, you can purchase additional branded programs.

We hope Fisher Price will consider a few tweaks. We’d like to see a version for MAC, we’d like to see an option for a left-handed child, and we think that any first computer ought to have a mouse. Still, this is a parent friendly product with a kid friendly platform. Using bright bold colors and graphics, the visuals are compelling with lots of personalized touches. Everything is big and simple. Even the movements are slow enough that your child doesn’t get confused or lost on the screen. The best part about this product, though, is that you don’t need to alter your existing computer set up in any way.

Price: Retails for $60.00