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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#14. . . Reptileman Photos and Movies

Reptileman (Dave DiNaso) visits our preschool. Adults and children enjoyed seeing and learning so much about the
animals. How cool it was to have so many daddies there!! Lydia gets up close and personal with five foot long Dino the iguana. Avery lovingly holds the beautiful snakes!

PLAY the video to see Daniel and the tortoise

PLAY the video and see Lydia
(sort of rhymes....)

PLAY the video and see Avery wearing the newest
designer hat with Claussen the Australian green tree python!

Dave, our friend can be reached at 1-888 -SLITHER or 1-888-754-8437

Saturday, January 12, 2008

#12....Survey Questions for Preschool Parents

I thought it would interesting for new families to hear your comments on things concerning Immanuel Lutheran Preschool.

Please do not put any teacher's names. Keep it general…
using words like "the staff" or "my child's teachers" etc.

You may write comments anonymously or not…it's up to you.
Click on the "comments" area to leave your thoughts. There are a total of 7 questions.

You will need to click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page to view all the questions.

There you will also
find a photostory of Marsha from the Downers Grove Fire Department.

Thank you so much! Linda Stumpf
****1. Here's what I like about our preschool…

****2. I did not get my first choice for classes at Immanuel Lutheran Preschool…did it still work out?

****3. If your child was or is used to taking a nap, has being in an afternoon preschool class been difficult to handle?

****4. As a parent I like helping out in the classroom because…

****5. Our favorite field trip or at school activity is…

****6. My child says he/she like preschool because…

****7. Anything you might want to comment on or add to this survey…please do so here…

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#10....Back at preschool again!! Yeah!!

Mrs. Lithio had a fun day today with the Red Class, following up their story of the Little Red Hen. Unlike the hen's friends who said "Not I", and wouldn't help, EVERYONE in the Red Class wanted to help!

They ground wheat into flour, and really enjoyed playing with it. Later, the children turned the wheat flour into bread dough. Tomorrow, they will bake the bread.