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Sunday, January 22, 2012

#306...Manners..."it's a good thing!"

I have been so impressed with so many parents of our preschoolers lately!   At arrival time, many parents say to their child...say "Hello" to Mrs. Stumpf.   They encourage their child to look into my eyes and say "Hello!"    I then tell the child how wonderful it is when they say "Hello" first!   It can start out like a game!  Who will say "Hello" first?   We see many wonder results!   Here is additional information I found on the internet on another subject!      

The best time to teach your preschooler to say thank you for presents received over the holidays, or anytime, is beforehand.   Here are some ideas to help your child learn how to say thank you for presents:
Demonstrate How to Receive a Present with the Proper Words and Actions
  • You could introduce a lesson on receiving a present by saying, “I’d like to show you what to do when you receive a present.” Demonstrate the actions along with the appropriate words.
  • Say something like, “I don’t ask someone for a present. I never ask, ‘Where’s my present?’”
  • Have your child give you a present you prepared for the demonstration. Demonstrate the proper words and behavior. “When I’m given a present, I look the person in the eye [or whatever is appropriate for your culture], smile, and say, ‘Thank you.’”
  • Open the present. Then say, “After I open the present, I again say, ‘Thank you.’ If the present is something I already have, I don’t say, ‘I already have one.’
  • “I try to say something nice about the present.” Give an example of something nice you could say.
  • If you want your child to hug or kiss a relative or friend, you should demonstrate that as well.
  • “I put away the gift wrap from the present.”
  • Finally, say, “Later, I write a thank-you note to the person who gave me the present.”
Give Your Child Opportunities to Practice
Repetition is essential for young children to learn social graces. You should give your child as many opportunities to practice as possible before your child is actually given a present. Be creative.
  • You could have a gift bag or box with a lid that can be used over and over. You could put different toys, clothes, or books your child already owns in the gift bag or box and role play giving the gift to your child. The object will be a surprise, and your child will have to think of something nice to say about it.
  • You could have gifts of small presents for your child to practice saying thank you throughout the holiday season. Some parents have small daily gifts throughout December, especially to focus on teaching their child to say thank you.
  • You could role play with a pretend present.
  • If you have more than one child, they could take turns giving and receiving real or pretend presents.
  • After your child is given plenty of role-playing opportunities, you could have discussions about “What should I do when I receive a present?”
Be Specific in Your Praise when Your Child Remembers the Proper Etiquette Technique
  • “I was so happy to see the way you smiled at Grandma, hugged her, and told her, ‘Thank you.’”
  • “I appreciate that you remembered to say what you liked about Grandma’s gift.”
  • “You cleaned up every scrap of wrapping paper!”
Don’t Criticize or Embarrass Your Child in Public if He or She Forgets the Etiquette Technique
  • Remember that young children need lots of practice.
  • Repeat the lesson again later.
  • Give more opportunities for practice.
Gratitude is something to learn early and remember for many years to come!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

#305...Take a tour of the preschool!

If you are not able to visit us, here is a little look into our program!   Hope to see lots of new families at our Information Night Meeting on January 25, 2012 at 7:30pm!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#299...Smilebox slideshow of Reptileman

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Only 20 photos of our fun morning with Reptileman!  He sure brings a great program to our preschool!  More photos to come!