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Friday, October 28, 2011

#251...Shopping at the Spice Merchant in DG

I made a quick stop at Spice Merchants of Downers Grove! They are a spice store which carries over 300 jars of spices & spice blends and 80 varieties of loose teas.   5225 Main Street

The owners are Immanuel Lutheran Preschool  parents from last year.   As you can see, it is a family owned business.   Stop in and meet Carla and Matt and the kids!   It sure smells great in there! 

#250...Red TOT Class - Jack-O-Lanterns

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Just wondering which one of these videos is easier to view or better?

#249...Green Tot Class - Jack-O-Lanterns

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Just wondering which one of these videos is easier to view or better?

#248...Picture Day for Green and Orange Class

Our picture Days are over.  I believe everyone was here in all 6 classes.   As I said in post #247, I take a photo of each class so we can have the correct names placed on the back of the photo when they arrive at the preschool before Thanksgiving.    In my family we have a tradition to take a "TaDa!" photo.  Just imagine, the class counting to three and then saying "TaDa!  It does make for a very fun photo!   Have a wonderful weekend!   Be safe on Halloween!  PS...aren't you happy I am not the professional photographer?

Thursday, October 27, 2011 photos on Picture Day!

 So this is Picture Day at Immanuel on Thursday!   The professional photos will come out so much better. Aren't you happy about that?   
I took these to just get the seating order for our description on the back of the photo.
I told the children in our family we always take a regular photo at a a family gathering and then we take a "Ta Da" photo!
So you will see both kinds of photos here...regular and the "Ta Da" ones. Have a safe and happy Halloween!    Please be kind to your children and to us on Tuesday!    Limit the amount of candy your child consumes on Monday.  Some days can be high energy without the sugar level increasing! 
Your photos should arrive at school before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#246...Book for Ff Day ...Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni

We had this story for Ff day and the children illustrated the story in their artwork.

Thursday, October 20, 2011 of 4's family night of 3's family night

#242...The Good Samaritan

This is an animated version of the Good Samaritan Bible story.  It was shown at Jesus Time when the story was read.   The children enjoyed watching it.

You can view it right from this blog, but if you click on "view on YouTube"  in the lower right hand corner, it will take you to YouTube.  There will be a long list of other YouTube videos of the Good Samaritan.   Please preview any YouTube video before you show your child.  I was shocked what is actually shown in some videos called "The Good Samaritan."   We do not need to overload our children at such a young age with so much scary and worrisome information.

#241...Another 3's Photostory

#240...Another 4's photostory

#239...3's Family Night Slideshow

Saturday, October 1, 2011

#227...Two good posts from the past

Alphabet Videos

Click on the month January (15) on the right
Scroll down to entry #165 and #166.
In the right had corner of the video, it says “View on YouTube” Click it.
When it takes you to YouTube, you will see in the lower right hand corner 4 little arrows pointing outward.  Click it for full screen.
Then click on the PLAY button on the bottom left.
Make sure your volume is on.
Many children from preschool watched these last year and parents found them helpful.
If you want, let me know what you think with comments here or in an email.   LS