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Thursday, March 10, 2011

#187... Monday TOT Class

I did little experimenting with a new program for called Animoto.
Here is the result!  Just click on the words "yellow tot class"

yellow tot class

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#186...Yellow and Blue Class Fun! ...Did I say how much these 4's love our fun dancing in the Spring at Immanuel???

Thanks to Mrs. Passero for for filming these special moments at preschool!
Thanks, Sharon! Great job and I know you enjoyed being the parent helper as always!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

#185...Blue Class - Waltzing to "Good Night, Irene" and dancing the Irish Jig!

#184.....Parachute Fun at Jesus Time and More...

(You might have to enlarge this video to read the words on each jpeg.   There is a small box to check on the lower right hand side of the video.   They words will be blurry!  Sorry!)

This is a wonderful story for children and adults to hear. Peter was able to walk on the water by faith, until he took his eyes off Jesus, and looked at the huge wave coming toward him. So often we take our eyes off the Lord because of the "huge waves" in our lives. There is illness, sadness over a family member, the troublesome coworker, marital difficulties, rude people, unfair situations, pick your own life's problems! The lesson is simple...keep your eyes on the Lord and you won't go under!

When we find ourselves in these situations - frustrated, discouraged, and angry because of people or problems, we need to focus our eyes once again on the Word of God and Jesus our Savior!

Thank you, Jesus, for always letting us know You are with us! Amen

This is after Jesus Time on Wednesdays when we get
 to have fun with the two classes together in the lower 
 level of the preschool with large motor activities
 including songs and dance!   Both classes enjoy each
 other so much!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

#183... Red Class Dad's Night Out - - - Photos

We had perfect attendance with all 16 children!  There were dads, grandpas, and even a special neighbor/friend that brought the little ones that evening!   Many fun memories were made!   Just look!