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Saturday, January 29, 2011

#168...Mitten Day...Monday TOT Class

#167...Shadow Day at TOT Classes

#166...I was very happy to find this on you tube. We use a song and pictures very similar to this one at preschool! I believe it is very helpful!

In this video your child will see a picture and name for each object, and it will also show the upper and lowercase letter.  At preschool we use the terms, "grown-up A" and "child a".   It seems to work quite well!

Listening to and repeating the sound is also very helpfulness to the child!   If you click on the words "view on YouTube" it was give you a chance to watch it full screen, which is probably much better for your child.  There are also other suggested videos to the right for learning the alphabet and numbers.  Enjoy!

#165...Here is a video to help learn the alphabet!